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Advanced Vacuum Processes for Packaging & Holograms


Idvac Ltd. was founded in 2004, to develop and provide advanced process know-how and retrofits to convert standard web metallizers to new value added coatings & products for Packaging, Holograms and Solar Window Films.
Today, Idvac Ltd. is a world leader in many new products for security holograms. We develop and provide various advanced coating processes for security holograms to fight counterfeiting and to add new features to conventional holographic films. Because of new counterfeiting technology threats, Idvac Ltd. has continually invested in research & development for advanced products including HRI, Copper and Chrome Alloy.

For packaging, Idvac Ltd. has developed new clear barrier coating processes for food packaging. We have also developed new coatings for Solar Window Films.
Together with process development, Idvac Ltd. also provides vacuum web metallizing training workshops to add extra knowledge to senior metallizer operators and quality control staff.
Whether your need to convert your web metallizer to new products for holographic, packaging or solar window films, or you want to upgrade the knowledge of your staff in advanced vacuum technology , Idvac Ltd. can collaborate with your company to add value products to your existing range of products.
Idvac Ltd. has won industrial and commercial confidence in the world market as a high tech company for its range of advanced processes.