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Advanced Vacuum Processes for Packaging & Holograms

Web Metallizing Workshop

Course Aims

This on-site 2 day workshop is structured to provide technical staff, machine operators, quality control personal and sale’s team involved in vacuum roll metallizing business with an introduction to the principles, technology, mechanisms and troubleshooting of vacuum systems, winding mechanism, evaporation technique and plasma treatment. Within this workshop there is also interactive discussion with staff and a shop floor inspection visit to check the performance of the roll metallizer and related equipment used for quality control. Troubleshooting instruction manuals will be given to participants.

Workshop Structure

Day 1

PowerPoint presentations and Interactive discussions

  1. Introduction to Vacuum Technology
  2. Vacuum Roll Metallizing; Process & Equipment
  3. Quality Control

Day 2

  1. Shop floor inspection of vacuum roll metallizer
  2. Checking performance of pumps, winding system, evaporation source, plasma treater and metalizing quality.
  3. Interactive discussion & Advice to optimise performance of metallizer

Workshop Objectives

This workshop will provide a detailed view of vacuum roll metallizing technique and discuss issues related to vacuum pumps, winding system, evaporation source and plasma treater. It will also highlight metallizer possibilities and limitations. Practical examples and troubleshooting will help the participants to better understand the possibilities of optimising the performance of their metallizer for quality product. This will stimulate informal discussions between participants and expert. The participants will also learn about new equipment used to test and characterize the metallized product.